14 thoughts on “Driving Through the Winter Storm

  1. Holy s*%t! I would’ve stayed home. Man, I hate winter. I just recently bought a 4WD SUV because my Gen Coupe is virtually useless in snow. After being able to climb over ice and snow just to get into a parking space, I’m sold on AWD and 4WD vehicles. Still, if it snows more than 4 inches, I keep my ass home. Better to keep myself and my car safe than press my luck and get into an accident trying to drive to work.

    — M

    • Totally! I ended up taking us 8 hours instead of 5 because of the weather… I have to say we had 4 season tires on instead of winter ones, which really didn’t help!

      • “4 season tires.” Is that how they say it up there? Here we say “all season tires.”

        Well, it looks like no more snow here in NYC. So I’m using my rear wheel drive Gen Coupe exclusively when I go to work. I love to get “pole position” at the stoplight, then launch her when the light turns green. Yes, it wastes gas, but damn, it’s fun!

        — M

    • After my experience this winter in East Canada, I can’t believe I ever complained about the weather when I was back in Kelowna, BC !

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