20 thoughts on “Thought

  1. So true….and sad…… !!! Do you feel alone today ? When you do, please remember that “I’m just a phone call away “! Love xxooxx

  2. To me, that’s both the best and the worst part of city life. The good news is, you’re never really alone. The bad news is, you can still feel incredibly alone.

  3. So true. Sometimes while walking, I observe people and wonder how we may live in the same city but we have no idea what’s happening in others’ lives. We may be seeing the same person at the bus stop or the grocery store every other day but know nothing about them. It’s weird.

  4. Nice way of putting it. I’ll be finding out soon enough. In suburbia, everyone’s alone but not together. As I found out from friends who married and had kids (as opposed to me, who married, divorced, and got custody of the cats), they become this insular unit. I live 15 minutes from one of my best friends and I’ve seen her four times since I moved back East from CO in 2006. I saw more of her when I lived in CO, actually. For whatever reason she doesn’t think I’d be happy to bring coffee to her place for an hour’s chat. I don’t care if the house is a mess; I’d help her clean it. Rattling…thanks for the follow 🙂 Honored.

    • It’s kind of like that in the city too.. I’ve noticed a lot of people are usually caught up in the “rat race” and too busy to invest in relationships unless they mean business (a.k.a. future LinkedIn connections!) I don’t think all people are this way in the city, but it just takes longer to filter through such a dense amount of people! Much easier in a small town 😉

      • What’s with the LinkedIn? People keep trying to get me to “link in.” lol. The less matching couples with jogging strollers, the happier I’ll be 😉 Did the small town thing; the one I picked hadn’t seen a black person before, apparently, because when one appeared in the capacity of UPS guy, they (my office mates) freaked out. That’s when, as nice as they and the job were, I started planning my move outta there!

      • That’s too funny!! I guess there are upsides and downsides to both extremes. The key would be to find a place with a perfect dose of small town AND big city… One that doesnt lack culture & diversity, but still values community and gives a sense of belonging!

  5. The wonders of the city. I moved away from my home town because I thought I was bored there. Well, I experienced the same as you. The more people around you, the more lonely you can get surprisingly. The more people do, the less they seem to listen to one another. I mean, really listen and not trying to do selfies with buddies.

    The nice thing about a big city – and it worked in Toronto for me, too – you can meet interesting people who care about you. It might be difficult to make your voice and your true feelings heard in a loud city, but even a hardcore introvert like me made a couple of good friends, and I’m sure, you too 🙂

    • That’s true. I sometimes feel overwhelmed because I wish that I could get to know and learn from ALL the people that cross my path, but there is no way it can happen in this big of a city… Not even close! I have to say though that I have met a handful of interesting individuals that have inspired me since I got here almost ten months ago. Unfortunately most of these people have remained acquaintances, and there is a side of me that continues to long for more profound friendships!

  6. I live in the same city I grew up in …I graduated from high school 30 years ago and never see anybody from those days…except for about 3 friends with whom I have remained friends with the entire time. Yes, it has grown in population…but, not that incredibly, for heaven’s sakes! Weird. Truly, weird.

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