Eau d’été

The sun was shinning so bright this weekend that I was able to study out on the balcony in shorts and a tank top. The warm weather even inspired my mom to make “summer water” to help keep my brain sharp and hydrated as I drowned it in Financial Accounting review. This recipe tasted (and looked) so lovely that I just had to share it with you.


Eau d’été

(Water + Mint + Ginger) x let steep for 1 hour in the fridge

I don’t like following precise recipes, and I prefer improvising when it comes to measuring ingredients. Therefore I tend to write out recipes in a super simple manner. If you are not like me and prefer straightforward, specific directions, check out Martha Stewart’s version!


Wish me luck on my final exam tomorrow!

39 thoughts on “Eau d’été

    • I know that it’s not quite summer yet, but drinking this water is like a nice reminder that the season is on its way! Thanks 🙂

  1. Allo ma chouette, Je pense à toi très fort et je suis certaine que tout se passera bien demain……. après une bonne nuit de ‘sommeil’…. hihi.! Je t’aime tellement……… xxooxx

    p.s. merci pour la recette (eau d’été) ….. love the pictures… Bravo!

    • Merci grand-maman!! Et oui je crois que tout vas bien ce passer demain.. J’ai étudié avec un camarade de classe aujourd’hui 🙂
      Merci beaucoup pour le “bodum” en passant! J’ai hâte de faire un blog avec!!
      Love you, xx

  2. Good luck on the exam! Love the recipe, and appreciate your choice of vestibule. I have one of those thin-neck glass jars as well. Great for infused water. We often keep it in the fridge with lemon essential oil added. Cheers.

    • Vestibule? Lol! Is that autocorrect? 🙂
      The jar really adds a lot to this recipe. It’s funny how presentation really affects how appetizing something will taste! For me anyways… Also, that sounds delicious! I never knew there were edible essential oils… I sometimes use a peppermint one for my headaches.. I’ll be sure to try it! Thanks

  3. I like how you have taken a simple subject and turned it into art, enjoyable to anyone who would try it. Also, with a view of the artist contained within. I am always delighted to learn that the world’s youth is not wasted as we might be led to believe. Instead, you are growing intellectually, artfully, and spiritually, all that is necessary to lead our world into this century; a finer, more spiritual, more beautiful place. Thank you for following my willy nilly life and for allowing me to visit you as well. I look forward to reading your blog, trying new food and drink, and taking in the pictures so nicely done.

    • Really? Thank you!! That means a lot! I’m gonna be investing more time on it during the next couple of months. What is it that you like most? The food posts or travel posts or is there something you’d like to read more about? I love feedback 😛

      • I love the travel posts, especially your portrait photos! You are really talented 🙂 I also like the food posts, although they leave me empty stomached and hungry haha 😛 perhaps you should, idk, write a longer caption? Just to get a better perspective, but your blog rocks anyways! i hope you take this far hun 🙂 thanks for following me, i just got started and it means a lot!

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