Bear Creek Waterfall

If you are curious as to why I am posting August photos during the peak of winter, I must confess that I had forgotten about them until now. Nonetheless, I find these to be rather comforting as I stare out of my window at the glow of the street lamps shining upon the snow. The changing of the seasons is a magical concept. It’s hard to believe that in only four months we will be out in shorts and t-shirts again. I must remind myself of this so that I may appreciate the wonderful aspects of winter before it is too late.

These photos were taken on our hike up Bear Creek to the Waterfall. This experience was without a doubt one of my favourite memories of the summer, even with the freezing water, scraped knees from climbing and stubbed toes from slipping… Still so worth it.

I think it will become a yearly tradition.

5 thoughts on “Bear Creek Waterfall

  1. The weather here is all over the place. The summer is just hot in Florida. Now, it is a mad roller coaster. Today is 78 and it will be in the 60s later in the week. I should not complain, huh?

    In my area, we have a springs we visit in the summer. The water is not warm at all but you can slide around on the rocks and go through the rapids. You always end up with some bruises or a few small cuts but you never care. Fun with your friends!

    • So true! We used to go to Florida every winter to escape the Quebec cold… Now we live in the west, and winters are a lot more manageable.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

      • That is great! Though the Pacific side is not the warmest either…for a person from Hawaii and Florida. But..the region is so stunning. Surfing in Oregon is something I hold dear to myself. Need to go further up to Tofino and try out the Canadian surf one day. I am sure it is spectacular!

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