Website Address Restored!

The address is now mine for another year!



P.S. Since I’m posting, check out my new hair / new nose ring / new hat :


 (Such a quality picture, I know)


Go to

Hey guys! Go to !

I’m sorry if you’ve been trying to access my blog through the URL Basically, I’ve now had it for one year (yay!) but it’s that time where I need to renew it. Sadly, I lost my wallet so I have to go get new cards at the bank tomorrow. (Unless it miraculously turns up today, which would be DA BOM)… Once that whole thing is sorted out then I will take care of this URL issue! Until then, you can keep visiting my blog at

Thanks for your support and I’m so sorry about the confusion/inconvenience!  Love you guys xx

Here is a visual representation of my feelings towards my lost wallet: ImageImage